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What is Snapchat👻 or Every Snapchat Symbol Means?

Every Snapchat Symbol Means?

Snapchat, is a cool multimedia messaging app it is very popular across the Earth. People love using this interesting and amazing multimedia app and keep posting snaps of their day-to-day life activities over it so that they can share those Amazing moments with their friends.

If you are reading this post then might be you are using Snapchat regularly but how many of you know the meaning of the different arrows and icons shown in this multimedia app? We guess a few people might know the Snapchat arrow meanings and symbols.

After reading this complete blog post, you will be aware of the icons in the Snapchat and some symbols and will enjoy using Snapchat more. Let’s go ahead and check the arrow symbols in the Snapchat.

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Arrow Symbols in the Snapchat:

There are some different arrows in Snapchat with different meanings. Most of you must be using Snapchat in your day by day in your life but might not be aware of which arrow sign what. So, let’s check out the meaning of each of these different arrows to get some idea for using Snapchat.

Before we checking the different colorful arrows in the Snapchat, let us know the mean of the colour-filled arrow (the arrow that’s completely filled with some color) and unfilled arrow which are very common across all the colors. The color-filled arrow means that‘s snap is sent and an unfilled arrow means that the snap has been opened other side.

Now, let’s get some ideas about the different colorful arrows such as 1)Green, 2)Red, 3)Grey, 4)Purple, and 5)Blue.

1. Green Arrow on Snapchat:

The green arrow is related to snapcash. For those of you who don’t know what snapcash is, let us inform you that‘s an inbuilt wallet in the Snapchat using which you can send cash to your known contacts.

You can also link your debit card to it and then you can transfer your money to your friend’s account if you want. Your friend also transfers money to your account as well.

This arrow sign that you sent snapcash to your friend contact and he/she has received money.

2. Red Arrow in snapchat:

✅ It denotes that you sent a snap without an audio to your friend.

✅ It sign that the snap without an audio has been opened.

3. Gray Arrow in snapchat:

✅ It is denoted that you are sent a snap to someone but he/she has not yet accepted your friend request in the Snapchat.

4. Purple Arrow on snapchat:

✅ Purple arrow on snapchat denoted that you sent a snap with the audio.

✅ It denoted that snap with an audio has been opened.

5. Blue Arrow on snapchat:

Blue arrow snapchat denoted that’s you has sent a chat.

✅It denoted that your chat has been opened by the recipient and read.

Square Symbol on the snapchat:

The Square Symbol above arrows was related to the snaps that you have sent. There are square symbols for the ones that you have received. Let us check it the square symbols and know their meanings.    

1. Red Square Icon

✅ It denotes that you receive a snap without an audio.

✅ It denoted that you opened and viewed a snap without a audio.

2. Purple Square Icon

✅ It denotes that you have received a snap with the audio.

✅ It denotes that you have opened and viewed a snap with the audio.

3. Blue Chat Icon

✅ It denoted that you have message received a chat.

✅ It denotes that you have the opened and read a chat.

4. Gray Chat Icon

✅ It denotes that you haven’t opened the snap-in time and it has got expired and is no longer available.

Double Arrow Symbols

There are double-arrow symbols in the Snapchat. They have a wonderful purpose and are used as screenshot icons.. Let us check out the meaning of these arrows.

1. Red double arrow symbols

✅ Snapchat denotes that’s someone has taken a screenshot of your snap that does not contain audio.

2. Purple double arrow icon

✅ It’s denotes that’s someone has taken a screenshot of your snap that the contains an audio.

3. Blue screenshot icon

✅ It denotes that someone took a screenshot of a chat you sent.

Replay Icons

As the name suggests, the replay icon appears when someone revisits your snap. If you someone has like your snap, they will view it again and there’s when this icon will be displayed.

In the snapchat, you have to buy and replays in order to view them again as Snapchat offers only one replay in the 24-hour time period. So, if you are wishing to view the replays of your friends again & again then better buy them.

Now check it the meanings of the replay icons.

1. Red Replay Icon

✅ It’s denoted that someone has replayed your snap that doesn’t contain the audio.

2. Purple Replay Icon

✅ It denoted that someone has replayed your snap that contains an audio.

I hope this guide to the “What Is Snapchat👻 Or Every Snapchat Symbol Means? will help you. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

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