Free Hosting vs. MilesWeb Shared Hosting: Which Is Better?

There are more than 1.7 billion websites on the internet world. Moreover, this figure will increase significantly in the future. However, to build a web presence, website owners seek one thing to scale their websites, and that is a reliable web hosting infrastructure. On the internet, if you search the ‘web hosting’ keyword, you will get plenty of free and paid web hosting results.

Many web hosting companies like MilesWeb offers reliable hosting services like shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, and many more. Thus, website users prefer their best fully managed web hosting plans to get a top-notch hosting infrastructure. But many of you look for free web hosting services to save costs and host your website.

Free hosting companies lack the basic server infrastructure and do not give any assurance of a higher uptime and top-level web hosting operation. Reliable web hosting companies do not commit to free web hosting services but provide free trial services like MilesWeb. MilesWeb cPanel Hosting Plans offer a guaranteed higher guaranteed uptime and allows website users to manage their domains easily with the help of cPanel.

In this post, we will compare them both and will decide which hosting plans are suitable for your web hosting requirement.

Free Web Hosting: Is It Feasible?

If you ask the same question yourself, the answer would be yes. It is because you are only looking toward the cost parameter. Free web hosting services are the perfect option. But, it is recommended not to compromise the quality of web hosting infrastructure.

Downtime, lack of data security, and poor customer service are some flaws that hamper the hosting operation. Furthermore, they will start putting ads on your website that do not makes you money, and this additional revenue goes to the hosting company’s pocket.

Due to low-quality web hosting operations, you will face several problems like data security which leads to intrusion activities or hacking attempts. What if there is any sensitive information available on your site? It may lead to a data breach if there is a proper security layer installed on your servers.

Due to proper security measures, your website will be protected from several data breaches and vulnerable threats. That is why you must invest a nominal amount and buy a top-level web hosting plan for your website hosting.

MilesWeb meets all relevant requirements and offers an affordable shared hosting service with a range of reliable plans. Do you want to know what they offer? Here are some key features of the same.

5 Salient Features of MilesWeb’s Shared Hosting

Free SSL Certifications

SSL certifications are essential for safeguarding your websites and applications from different malicious attacks and viruses. Many of you have seen the padlock icon in the web browser’s URL bar. That icon shows your URL is secured. Most of internet users prefer secured domains and websites. Data breaches of sensitive information will have a negative impact on your website and win the trust of internet users.

Guaranteed uptime

With MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans, website owners get a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%. It means their hosted websites and applications will have minimal latency or page loading issues. Due to fewer page loading issues, websites gain more traffic and an engagement rate. The web hosting company is able to meet this uptime because its servers are located in the global Tier-4 datacenters.

24×7 customer support

Customer support is very much essential for a smooth web hosting operation. Because you are focused on your website development part, it will not be an easy task to manage or maintain servers. MilesWeb will not charge any amount to provide customer support to you with their shared hosting plans.

Sufficient disk space

There are SSD based servers that website owners get with MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans. Get enough disk space to host volumes of websites, domains, emails, and other web projects with no storage crisis. Hence, whether you have one domain or unlimited domains, MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans are configured to host those applications with no performance-related issues.

Compelling features

Not only servers are important for the best web hosting operations. You also require different features like 1-click installer, optimized websites, unlimited bandwidth and many more to enhance the functionality of websites. Thus, MilesWeb offers those features without charging you any additional amount. Also, they provide you control panels with their shared hosting plans to manage emails, web accounts and many more files.

Closing Thoughts

In the debate of free vs MilesWeb’s shared hosting, we suggest that you must go with the MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans. Not because it is related to some brand, but their shared hosting plans are reliable ones with top-notch hosting features and the sufficient space and other amazing features.