How Can Send Email without Internet? Define some Steps

Gmail is very popular and important nowadays for sending Emails or documents in just a single click. This time email especially Gmail is very fast used for official and your personal work. You can use Email, the Internet is required. But what happens when you have too much something very important and this time your Internet data is completely empty? In this situation, your work is stopped, so now Gmail has a new solution to this problem. Then Now you can use and Send Gmail without the internet. In fact, Gmail has been changed your interface and it is totally different from the old interface of Gmail, and in new Gmail has added some new feature, one of which is offline Gmail feature.

What is Offline Feature in Gmail?

In this option, users can read your emails without the Internet, by supporting offline feature in Gmail. You can also send them by email. Not only that, but it can also be done to eliminate the unwanted emails.

If you follow the 4 steps listed below, then you can use Offline Gmail Feature

Step-1: You will need a Chrome browser version 61 for this offline Gmail feature. You can download it free.

Step-2: After that go to the top left of Gmail and click the Settings button for access option. Next, click the More Options for the next options.

Step-3: Now there will be 3 options in the menu bar, you just click the Offline tab.

Step-4: Then you just click the Enable Offline in the Gmail Feature. Then, you can use Gmail without the Internet.

Previously, the “Undo Send” feature was changed to users in Gmail. And this feature can add the Android version of Gmail. Version 8.7 for this feature is easily displayed. Email sent with the help you can be deleted. This feature was provided in 2016 for the “Undo Send Gmail without Internet” feature. Let’s tell you that after many years of experiment, this feature was launched in 2015.

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