How To Add Internal links in WordPress like a Ninja – SEO Strategy

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Welcome to shivamrajput and I’m Shivam Rajput  … well this post is for all the people who want to learn SEO and who are using WordPress in this post I’m going to share one of the SEO strategies that I have been using from past 2 years and also a strategy that is being used by Wikipedia and many of the popular website and at the same time how to execute this strategy right so for this we’ll be using a WordPress plugin name is a Linkwhisper we’ll dive into that in a bit but first let’s learn about the strategy so if you ever visited shout loud you would know like that most in each of my articles.

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I have at least 20 to 30 weeks internal links to my other pages and that actually helps a lot in improving you know link flow on the website keep my bounce rate low and at the same time you know it busts on the link juice which is a great signal for search engine optimization another place to look at is the Wikipedia website

Now you know that Wikipedia always ranked on the first page for many of the keywords and if you ever go through one of their articles you would see like they have a lot of internal links and when you click on it you will just find more information about that page and that page again have a lot of internal links now this kind of internal linking is really helpful to improve your SEO and something that I see a lot of websites and a lot of bloggers are missing out on these quick waves now if you are running a WordPress website or even any other platform you should definitely take advantage of internal linking now there are multiple ways you can do internal linking one in the easiest way is you can actually you know just simply select a text and do it manually like this


You simply search the text use the insert link button and then it will show you a solution you can add it like this now it takes a lot of time and you know some time like you don’t find the article that you want to link to at the same time another way is by if you are using YoastSEO premium they also have an internal linking suggestion I’ve also talked about this in one of my earlier Post which you can go and explore but recently I came across this new WordPress plugin which has everything that you would require from an internal linking plugin and the plugin name is a Linkwhisper for plugin it does a lot of things so we’ll just go through all of them one by one so that you can actually download and start using this plugin alright so the very first thing once you install and activate this the plugin you get this setting tab you can go to reports or settings so in the settings you should enable this open link in a new tab you can ignore numbers you can post type to create links for so if you’re also taking advantage of pages to create resource pages you can use that otherwise just skip that then by default the number of the sentence to skip is 3 I will rather reduce it to 1 not it all depends on your writing style what kind of articles you are writing usually one is a good number in my opinion once

You’re done click on save settings now the next thing which is very interesting is their port part now the report part is where you know a lot of action happening as you can actually go and see like this article has how many inbound internal links so you can seem like a lot of this article have zero inbound internal links or I can sort it out and find all the blog post on my blog which has zero internal links what I can do I can simply either click on you know to add and what this will do this will like search all the blog posts on my website and then I can select the phrases where I think it’s a good match so like, for example, alright so the post name is update WordPress blog and let’s see if we have something with the word update all right so this one there’s another one and of course.

You know it all depends on the kind of the article you’re writing to you so you need to be a little mindful when you are actually doing such kind of internal linking because you don’t want to do that internal linking that means you know linking to a word which does not make sense and when a user clicks on it they find that article is not at all relevant to you want to be mindful about that right so like this you can simply add this and then click on add links now with the within a second you know this post which has zero internal links have now for internal link well this is how easy this is now that one part of it you can also count like how many out one internal link like for example.

If there is a blog post and you have not been linked to any other blog posting your article, well you can do that so you can sort it out from here and you can seem like a lot of these blog post which is written in the past don’t have any outbound internal link and this will be a scenario in on your blog as well because when you started your blog probably a few years back or last year your first few articles will have no outbound internal links so you can simply go back and you know improve find all those articles here and then start adding internal links at the same time you know I’ve already mentioned that outbound links definitely plays a great role and in case if you are not aware of it just simply go to Google or search for outbound link SEO.

Then read this article on outbound link Howard or bundling improve your blog Authority and ranking I’ll also leave the link in the description to help you understand how this helps so if you find these articles which do not have any outbound external link and you think you can you know the link to some good resources which are a great signal for search engine optimization(SEO) you should do that well this is not all and this is where this plugin gets more interesting so now.

I have this particular blog post and let me show you the magic of this block puzzle and just reload this page and that’s probably the coolest the part about this plugin that you know if you don’t want to go into the settings and it will become part of your daily workflow so here is how it works like once you are in the edit section of a blog post like for your new articles or for old articles that you are editing go to the bottom and here you will see a lot of substrate link which is suggested by Linkwhisper the plugin and this is where if it can it gets interesting so now in this article we have all these words it’s suggested that this blogging journey.

Can be linked to this article or me can select from you know all the other articles now so now this there are this articles now I can simply drop down and I can select this now another interesting thing here is if you want to remove any particular text that should not be linked you can simply remove this and then that’s it or if you want to link to complete the word you can do that either way now this is another very good feature this the plugin is really fast and helps in fast internal linking now

This is not done yet you need to select this and you select the text you need to select the girl that you want to link to and once you are done to simply click on the update post all right now the post has been updated there will be another refresh and that’s it so this is one of the things that you can add into your workflow if you are running an agency you date your content team know about this plugin and ask them to use this plugging that will be really helpful and at the same time few other things that you want to know about this plug-in which is there on their –>>

What will happen if you remove this plugin?

Now even if you remove this plugin in the future all the internal links that you have made in the past will stay intact that is not dependent on the plugin itself will Linkwhisper help me rank better in Google

Now here’s a here is a thing which I already told you before that you need to make sure that when you’re doing an internal linking it should be relevant it should be something that you know logically make sense that a user click on it and they’ll find something very much relevant and they are more likely to read it rather than doing excessive internal linking.

I would recommend like do mindful internal linking that is going to be really useful and pretty much that’s it now the plug-in cost about $67 which I believe a little on the higher side but if you are running a professional website you know I think like the cost definitely pays off in some the time you can also buy three site license which is the cup which cost about $97 there’s one feature which I believe the plugin is missing that is automatically linking now that feature was in SEO smart link

But I do understand that even if this plugin developer doesn’t allow this feature because that feature is overrated and sometimes it does not give the result that you are looking for so this kind of internal linking is definitely helpful and especially now we are getting in the time when we create long articles well this the plugin is going to be really helpful so here you go ahead download the link whisper plugin.

I hope it helps you in case if you have any questions about this plugin feels free to let me know in the comment section I reply definitely.

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