MilesWeb Review: High Performance Dedicated Server Hosting

When it comes to starting a new business, having a website is crucial. As businesses have become digitalized, the demand for websites has increased in recent years.
Hosting services are what keep websites alive on the internet. If you have started with a website recently, you will need fewer resources. In this instance, shared hosting is the ideal option. When the website’s traffic grows, it starts demanding more resources. And then, you start looking to upgrade your current web hosting service. For a better-performing website or application, upgrading to MilesWeb’s bare metal servers can be beneficial.
In this blog post, we will get to know in brief about one of the well-known dedicated hosting providers in the industry, MilesWeb. MilesWeb is an excellent web hosting provider in India They are known for providing high-quality hosting services at reasonable prices.

What is a Dedicated Server? 

Dedicated hosting is all about having one complete server for your website or business. This hosting service offers numerous advantages like high loading speed, unlimited storage space, bandwidth and much more.

As your website takes complete control of the resources, a dedicated server is very reliable and best for enterprise-class websites. Dedicated server is leased exclusively to one single client. You can scale it according to your requirements. Another main advantage of a dedicated server is, all the server resources are 100% dedicated, which you don’t have to share with other clients.
You can customize the dedicated server in the way you want. Also, you get full server control, meaning you can install the applications of your choice, do the server modifications and do much more.

A Dedicated Server is Apt for:

High Traffic Websites

When your website starts receiving a lot of traffic, a dedicated offers a lot of power, scalability and flexibility to your dedicated server. It helps to make your website run smoothly without any hitch.

High-Profile Clients

If you want to meet the requirements of a large business, a dedicated server can be an apt solution.

E-Commerce Websites 

E-commerce website is a place that has a huge number of visitors and, a dedicated server can handle this highest amount of traffic. Furthermore, it delivers the best and performance to your website. 

Dedicated Server Plans & Pricing 

MilesWeb offers the best dedicated hosting plans to suit your heavy web projects requirements. They have a total of fifteen plans for dedicated server hosting. 

Plans range from 6,999/m to 48,000/m. With all the dedicated server plans, you get ample resources, like RAM from 8GB to 256GB, 480GB SSD to 2TB SSD, 1TB bandwidth to 5TB bandwidth, and one dedicated IP. 

If you are unsure which plan is the best, you can connect with their sales team. They will help you choose the best dedicated server plan! 

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting with MilesWeb

Choice of Operating System

MilesWeb dedicated hosting allows you to choose from Linux and Windows operating systems. The operating system available is CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian. You can select the desired operating system of your choice and let them do the installation for you.

Data Center in India

MilesWeb has a data center located in India that offers a great blend of redundancy and power with high connectivity to reach an audience in India. They have a data center that is ISO 27001 certified and offers top-notch security, uptime and performance.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

An uptime of 99.99% is guaranteed with MilesWeb dedicated server plans. They have a Tier-4 data center that has a highly robust infrastructure. MilesWeb dedicated server offers maximum availability for your websites/applications.

Intel Xeon Processors 

Intel Xeon processors are used on MilesWeb dedicated servers. The Intel Xeon processors are the new generation and powerful processors with large CPU cores. The Intel Xeon processors deliver a high-level performance to your dedicated server. 

Free SSL Encryption

An SSL certificate is included with each plan you order from MilesWeb. Information that passes to and from the web hosting server will be encrypted automatically. Your website will be secure with this, and no intruder can access your sensitive information.

No Setup Fees

MilesWeb dedicated server specialists will quickly deploy the dedicated server without delaying a longer time. They have in-stock servers to deploy within four hours after placing an order.

Full Customization

With MilesWeb dedicated server hosting, you can freely modify your server configurations and installing the software of your choice. Also, you can select the operating system and control panel according to your preference.

Unlimited Website Hosting

There is no restriction on resource usage with MilesWeb. It allows you to host unlimited websites under one dedicated server within the space assigned. Maintenance becomes easy when you host multiple websites under one account.

To Conclude

Dedicated server hosting is the best solution for hosting high-demanding websites or applications. It delivers a top-notch performance! MilesWeb offers dedicated hosting at the best prices and offers numerous specs.
With all plans, you get 100% dedicated resources, low latency, high security and everything you need to get your business to climb higher.