How to know your keyword competitor By Ubersuggest keyword tool {FREE}

We are discussing “How to know your keyword competitor Ubersuggest keyword tool {FREE}”

Hello, this is defined so many ways and some ways paid only but I’m telling you how to know that only free so if you searching the know keyword competitor then this article only for you if you read the full article then you become the master in know keyword competitor.

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Paid Vs Free (Which is the Best)

Paid: – If you going to pay then no problem it’s most beneficial for your blogging career, but you can’t effort paid keyword competitor then you can use the free tool which is the most benefits for you I will explain this toll properly you can use this tool it is free.

Free:- You are using the free tools then use Ubersuggest it is most featured for know your keywords competitor and keyword research also this is my favorite tool as well as …we also use this tool for the knowing keyword competitor.


Neil Patel Ubersuggest is a tool that is used for you to know keyword competitor FREE…

  • This is also used keyword research
  • It is Founder by Mr. Neil Patel

Who is Neil Patel: – Neil Patel is a digital marketing expert if you have a blog then you know very well who Neil Patel is but if you don’t know who is this then read Neil Patel blog name is

So I’m discussing only Ubersuggest

Just search on search engine Ubersuggest keyword tool then see the result like that:

You just click the first result and open some other page like this:

Just put your targeted keyword and search, this will so your keyword competitor backlink and why he is on top see the result.

Then you will get a result like your keyword competition also.


This is your keyword overview in Ubersuggest keyword some option like keyword search volume, keyword SEO difficulty, paid difficulty and cost of PPC clicks

1. Keyword Search volume?-

Keyword search volume is defined as how many people searching this keyword rank checker in a month this is called keyword search volume.

2. SEO Difficulty?-

SEO Difficulty is defined as how much difficulty is there in this keyword if you are the ranking on the search engine.

3. Paid Difficulty?-

Paid Difficulty is defined as your keyword is easy or hard to rank on search engine ranking.

4. Pay per click (PPC)? –

If you are set a PPC campaign then how much cost you have to pay this is called cost per click.

The Average webpage that ranking according to your keyword and domain authority.

Then next see the Keyword ideas like this:

After that you will see your content ideas and see more option Like Page Title, keyword, Backlinks and Social Share:


1. Page Title URL: – this only for the know the rank your keyword competitor

2. Visitor: it’s for your keyword searching result.

3. Backlink: – It is for knowing your competitor backlink

And So many thinks are there in Ubersuggerst in FREE so visit the website and check the many more thinks its totally free in this time so gain knowledge in this tool.

I hope this guide to the ubersuggest keyword tool will help you get started. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

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  2. ubersuggest is the best and free keyword tool. I am using it for checking the backlinks of the websites. But After reading this article I got many new features of this tools. thank you for sharing it.

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