Unable to get rid of Ubuntu from Boot screen once deleting Ubuntu partition in my system Windows 10

Remove Ubuntu from Boot Screen

Last Tues, I put in Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS (Xenial Xerus). Whereas stuck during this method, I made a decision to re-install Windows ten. I deleted the partition of Ubuntu and it reborn back to a free house. Whereas rebooting a black screen with Grub> program line seems. I used to be no plan what it’s thus I made a decision to force closing. I restart the pc and press the F2, BIOS screen seems and that I was ready for an amendment to urge back to windows boot manager instead of Ubuntu and with success boot with Windows 10. However, I need to get rid of Ubuntu and re-install it. I deleted the Ubuntu partitions however some picks still stay in my system Boot menu. will anyone facilitate to get rid of it?

Solution to get rid of Ubuntu from Boot screen


Change BIOS to permit boot from USB port

Select attempt Ubuntu while not installation in Grub

Press management + EL + T to say terminal

Type all suds efibootmgr to all or any list entries in Boot.

From menu choose Ubuntu and write down its boot range

Type suds efibootmgr -b to delete entry from the  boot menu

After that switch windows, boot manager backup to the boot menu > windows 10 > produce and format Hard disk partition and extend Windows C drive partition to merge the free house.